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almost 4 years ago by Jordan Haynes
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Making great hiring decisions is hard, a hire is always a gamble, trust me we know it. Recruitment isn't called champagne and razor blades for nothing. The market has shifted, the candidate holds a little more influence and if you read on, we can talk about how to get ahead of this, together!

Before we start millennial 'bashing' and saying that "things aren't like the good old days, people had honour back then," candidates are smart, they know their worth and have been taught not just to work a pay check for an honest living but to be inspired to come to work every day. Play to market conditions, because the market owes you nothing.
My default reaction would be to insert a quote from Richard Branson that was probably said by someone else, However I wanted to cover an opinion piece on how new talent are making buying decisions and why some people are missing out.

Getting stakeholder buy-in is essential, if the candidate is working across multiple teams and clients then it is essential to get their opinion. What isn't essential, is to make someone do a weeks’ worth of interviews over a month, that just simply isn't going to fly in this market.

Here are a few rules to help streamline this process...

  1. CUT THE EXCESS - Don't involve linear departments or people that may have to meet them at the pub. If there isn't a professional relationship, it's unlikely to affect them.

  2. OPINION - Make decisions on where the opinions come from - Can HR decide on the culture & team fit? Can the Sales Director make an opinion on the ability to represent you in the market? Can the Customer Success Manager make an opinion on the internal relationship management and collaboration?

  3. ENGAGE THEM - If they wanted to jump through hoops they could apply for a mortgage with a single income. PLEASE, remember that this is a two-way street - do not be afraid to address concerns, sell benefits and remind them why they applied in the first place.

  4. PACE - Easier said than done, but I think most Recruiters and Hiring Managers would agree that good talent doesn't last long, have a structure and work collaboratively with your internal or agency recruiter to move at an engaging pace.

  5. PAYING THE ODDS - In Media, we live in a talent shortage world, with sponsorship becoming harder; local talent is more precious than ever - go in with market rates or over expectations (within reason) to secure your candidate.

I think the key message is to pre-agree your expectations, outcomes and hiring processes before you start. Working with your internal team and agency recruiters to plan for consistency, execute a hiring strategy and hit your growth plans.

What people do not want to talk about is the negative impact of examples where this doesn't happen. People talk, tweet, snap, video chat, message and voice note - you would be surprised as to how quickly your reputation will precede you and thus cutting off the opportunity to speak with the best in market.

I am sure, when reading this we can all argue a few points here and there but the message is simple. If you want to chat further about how you are attracting talent, or want to grab a coffee to have a healthy debate on the above let me know.