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over 3 years ago by James Lyon

Ultimate Asset UK’s Tough Mudder experience


On Saturday 13th April, a few of our most courageous  colleagues and clients took part in the Tough
Mudder challenge to raise funds for Cancer Research UK

We were blown away by the support amassing nearly two grand in sponsorship!

This was the first such event that the Ultimate Asset team took part in, some colleagues had
never participated in a regular 5k, and with Tough Mudder being an obstacle
course cum race, the nerves started kicking in for everyone in the days leading
up to the challenge. On the day of the race however, we would soon realise that
all the other participating teams were just as nervous as we were, and that
made us feel a lot better. As a team, we then agreed that this was not a race
but rather a challenge, and the most important thing was that we all finished
it together; camaraderie was in the air.

The entire challenge comprised of approximately 10 obstacles and a 5km course, that alone
was no small feat, but the icy weather and muddy terrain we were about to face
would only make things tougher. The team knew that the only way we would get
through the challenge was if we kept our spirits up, and so we did!