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Last month, the Ultimate Asset teams across all regions met up in Dubai for a sales conference. This was the first of such an event for Ultimate Asset…the first of many to come! Some of our staff from the various regional offices had been acquainted before but many hadn’t, and the sales conference provided a great opportunity for the entire UA team to bond. Amongst the attendees, Tracey Weinrib was the newest addition to the UA team. In fact, the week spent in Dubai was actually her first week at UA. This was what she had to say about the experience…

"What an amazing first week at work! I not only recently joined Ultimate Asset, but also the recruitment and executive search market. I recently took my 20 years of experience across and moved my camp from leading these industries to helping match the right people to the right roles within it. As exciting as that prospect was for me, I then found out that my first week of work was the global Ultimate Asset sales conference in Dubai – lucky me! It was an opportunity to meet and more importantly, learn from the whole global team. Probably my longest work. The conference was so informative and gave me fantastic insight into the industry at large, Ultimate Asset specifically and the fantastic growth and goals for our company.

I always think with any conference, if you take way one key learning, you’ve done well. For me, it was hearing from each of our markets across UK/Europe, US, APAC & ANZ and understanding that although we recruit for a similar leadership role in each market, the nuances of how this is approached and who fits the role locally, is very different from market to market – and UA have this global but local approach nailed. The days were full of presentations from each market, workshops that were planning the future and of course, lots of fun outings –
it is Dubai after all!  You know the expression “is the cup half empty or half full”? Well, the cup on this conference was over-flowing"

Another member of the UA team at the Dubai sales conference was Katie Holmes. Katie is based out of our office in New York and is also a relatively new hire, only having joined UA earlier this year in March. This is what she has to say about her time in Dubai..

"As someone who has been with the business for 2 months being able to spend time with colleagues in from offices around the globe is always so valuable. And in a hot sunny climate like Dubai…yes please! This was a great opportunity to celebrate the success of each office to date, individual promotions as well the CEO’s giving a great business update and review on vision. It was Team Building at its finest. For this particular global conference, it also was a time to celebrate a momentous rebranding of Ultimate Asset with a new logo, collateral and our amazing new website. We all love it."

As Ultimate Asset continues to grow strength to strength, Dubai provided the perfect opportunity to bring our global teams together to share ideas and celebrate the new branding and website. The presentations and group tasks highlighted invaluable areas UA can develop our people and the business. With particular importance, nailing down our core values and getting to the heart of what our company is all about. Of course being in the Dubai weather was an icing on the cake, it gave us ample opportunity to kick back, relax and take some time to get to know one another. We look forward to seeing what we can achieve by next year’s conference!