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Nike released their inspirational short-film surrounding the 2019 Women's World Cup to extend a holistic celebration of football at all levels.  

In the Dream Further film, Worldrenowned players from both men’s and women’s football including, Fran Kirby, Neymar, Amandine Henry, Philippe Coutinho,

Sam Kerr, Gerard Pique and Crystal Dunn follow 10 year old Makena Cook as she steps out on to the field as mascot for the Netherlands’ Lieke Martens,

through the course of the clip Makena is taken on an inspirational journey through football. Dream Further brings us into a future where famed Women’s football star

Alex Scott is shown managing FC Barçelona and Chinese football star Wang Shuang is seen stepping into the largest crowd in the history of sports.  

In the film, Cook also debuts the limited-edition "Dream Further" jersey, the first ever kids-only football shirt designed specifically for girls.  Nike truly “kills two

birds with one stone” with their Dream Further campaign; not only do they promote the 2019 Women’s World Cup in such a way that even a football novice would

want to watch the competition but, they also advertise their new merchandise. 



In an attempt to mark the opening of the Swedish retailer’s latest London store, Ikea has super-sized one of its bath toys and placed it in the River Thames. Ikea deployed

the two boats in the river in southeast London, dubbed the “Good Ship Ikea”, to promote sustainability and follows a number of initiatives by the furniture giant to reform its

environmental image. Despite its lively and colourful appearance, ‘Good Ship Ikea’ is powered by fully functional environmental clean-up boat technologies, allowing it to collect

trash efficiently from around the river.  Each boat has the ability to clean up to around 20 kilograms of waste at a time, and all the collected rubbish will be employed to create a

sculpture to be featured at the Greenwich store. IKEA’s promotion campaign for its new Greenwich store follows well with the furniture giant’s commitment to sustainability. In

addition to this, IKEA UK promises to take sustainability to the next level, not just through design and architecture, but by inspiring and enabling the community to live a more

sustainable life at home through their products, workshops and activities. 



In the US, women’s football is far more popular than men’s. The US women’s team is reigning champion of the world cup, having finished first three times and winning the Olympic

gold four times. In spite of this, the team was embroiled in a lawsuit against U.S Soccer for institutionalized misogyny, and earlier this year successfully sued the association. 

 In light of the adversity faced by the US women’s team, and to generate hype for the world cup, Fox Sports came out in support of the squad by running a series of ads featuring the

women's team, including this 30-second spot titled 'Goliath'. ‘Goliath’ denotes an underdog situation, it portrays how the US women’s team has remained strong in the face of

adversity and will fight to maintain their position as reigning champions of the cup. 



To highlight UK government rules that separated refugee families, Amnesty International created a ‘family-free zone’ on London’s Southbank and sent security guards to the area to

enforce it. The guards stopped families from enjoying the view of the Thames, taking pictures, sitting, chatting or eating in the zone together. Families responded to the security guards

with appalled faces, aghast at the absurdity of the request. The experience highlighted the seemingly arbitrary nature of the existing law, urging the public to sign a petition to amend the law.

The stunt thus powerfully hit home the sad realities for refugees, who have to choose between safety or family – something most people in the UK would struggle to understand.