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Last week, on the 11th of 12th of September marketing and advertising’s biggest names gathered in Cologne, Germany for the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO). This year Ultimate Asset sent two of our Programmatic/AdTech & Data specialists, Akram Uddin and Oli Bolton to DMEXCO.

If you haven’t heard about DMEXCO before, we’re not sure what planet you’re on…but fret not as we’ll cover what the annual media event is all about in this piece.

For anyone who works in the digital industry, DMEXCO is a unique experience. What started out as a trade fair, has grown year on year to become the largest digital marketing event in the world. The span of commercial opportunities that you can expect to tap into, and industry contacts that you might meet are incredibly vast. Media giants such as Facebook, Google &Amazon have some of the most prominent booths in the hall of the expo, and while a lot of other businesses try and compete, their presence is undeniable. As an attendee, you can expect to make many new connections, or begin dialogues you wouldn’t have expected to.

Upon arrival at DMEXCO on the first day we noticed there was a large presence of Supply Side Platforms at this year’s expo.  On the contrary, there was a distinct lack of blockchains this year. Despite rumours and evidence from last year’s expo that there would be blockchain would play a significant part this year, they were far and few at the expo. An indicator that the industry isn’t quite ready yet perhaps?

The IAB held an extremely insightful panel titled Programmatic Trading Trends in Europe on the 1st day. Panelistsincluded Daniel Knapp (Chief Economist, IAB Europe), Anna Forbes (GM UK, The Trade Desk), Simon Baker (Programmatic Lead EMEA, Bloomberg Media Group), Clementina Piazza (Programmatic Director EMEA, Integral Ad Science), David Goddard (Vice President, Global Programmatic Strategy, BBC Global News) and Matt Bennathan (Senior Director, Channel Partnerships, International, Oracle Data Cloud). The panel provided us with key highlights, growth and opportunities evolving in programmatic. There was a lot of talk about the future of audio & connected TV, which is an area a lot of our clients are expanding. 

Google, also designed their stand around their business model…if you know you know!

Another notable point for DMEXCO this year, was the transport. We got around a lot via Lime Scooters, the electrical powdered scooters dotted around Cologne. A press of the button on your phone and your zooming around at 19kph from the Koelmesse to the central square to grab a pint with Unruly & Exchange Wire.

We bumped into a lot of clients (we’ll leave them unnamed 😉) also zooming around on these, after a beer or two. 

Overall, Ultimate Asset’s experience at DMEXCO this year proved to be a fruitful one. We were able to make new connections in the industry, as well as connect our existing clients going through similar industry challenges.