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Both my brother & dad have worked in recruitment since I can remember. After hearing about the ins and outs of recruitment from them, I thought it was something that sounded interesting, so I became inquisitive and decided to go and meet some companies.

I went to plenty of interviews and when I met the team at Ultimate Asset, I knew it was the right company to start my recruitment career with. They had a super friendly team and their walls were filled with great client names, which excited me.

On my first day I didn’t quite know what to expect – would they throw me in the deep end and hand me the phone as soon as I walked through the door? Thankfully it wasn’t like that and I was met to a full schedule of training to prepare me. Luke presented Recruiter 101, some of the information seemed familiar from chats at the kitchen table at home. The sales side of recruitment is something I’m not as familiar with, so this was definitely new to me – Something we didn’t quite cover in my psychology degree.

The next day covered Candidate call training, even though my previous jobs have been on the phone I have never called anyone from a recruitment perspective. After a few role-plays I had started to get the hang of it. As I am working in AdTech, the next set of training was based on programmatic advertising. I had done this as a presentation in my final interview, so I had a basic understanding, but there was space for more knowledge! Thankfully all my questions were answered, and I have started to grasp it.

The next day I had my first candidate call. The nerves set in, thinking I may say the wrong thing or not be able to answer questions that they asked. As I dialled my first candidate and it rang, and rang and rang….. no answer. Well, this is something that I’m going to have to get used to! After speaking to a few candidates, I got into the swing of things and started to feel like myself and the candidate were both getting a lot out of the calls.

After, James sat down with me to discuss the ecosystem of digital media. After seeing all these different platforms and job titles, it was good to see how all these cogs fit into the very large machine of digital advertising. I have also been doing Circus Street every day, which is a fantastic online course. As I haven’t had lots of experience in digital media, this has been a great tool.

I have loved my first week in recruitment. Having the chance to learn so much about Digital Media, and always talking to new people has been great. After learning that scribbling notes in my notepad probably isn’t the most efficient way to keep track of things, I will spend next week making sure that all my notes are logged on to Bullhorn so I can shake off the new nickname of “Analog Emily”.

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