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over 3 years ago by Sam Tooke
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Sam sat down with us to talk through his first week at Ultimate Asset.

Until I finished university, I never even realised that recruitment was a career path - you can get a job getting other people jobs? It sounded strange at the time but after further research I knew this would be a career path that I could be a great fit for. So, I signed up to a recruitment agency for graduates in London and applied for interviews at Ultimate Asset.

After presenting a (nervous) presentation to Luke on digital media and then having further conversations with Alex and James, I looked at my watch and over two hours had flown by. The people I interviewed with made me feel so welcomed and I knew this company I wanted to start my career out with.

My first day was a whirlwind of new terms, phrases and techniques as Luke put me through the ringer to see what I already knew. This progressed on to test my initial candidate calling ability - which left a lot to be desired. Aside from the technical sides of the industry and market, I never knew there was such depth in talking to a candidate, building rapport and turning the conversation to the outcome you desire.

My biggest fear of taking of my first job was being thrown in the deep end without any assistance and being left to my own devices since I had no prior digital media or recruitment experience, however my experience at UA couldn’t be any further from that. Alex who sits next to me on the Agency + Brands desk has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and after a few sessions of teaching things to me, and a lot more reading on the train to and from work, I was starting to get to grips with what roles I might be working with. If I have learned anything this week then I have learned that no question is a stupid question and that I should aim to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as I could.

On my second day I had my first candidate calls, before I could let the nerves start to build and start to wonder all the possible negative ‘what if’ scenarios, I pushed the call button and dove into it with my candidate qualification sheet at the ready. The phone rang and rang and went to voicemail, could breathe a sigh of relief, (and promptly ask Alex what should I say in a voicemail). So, then I queued up another call and dialled again, this time the candidate picked up and I had a 15-minute call with her about her job, life and where she wanted to progress in her career which I genuinely enjoyed. I know I have many more of these to come and by the end of the first week my fear of the phone is lessened a lot more than I thought it would, must be a good sign!

During my first week I also had individual sessions with members of the other teams to learn what their desks do and to get to know my co-workers. I really enjoyed these sessions and also the session on the digital media ecosystem with James which helped me get a grasp of the order of the whole digital media landscape. Everyone in the office is approachable and seem more than welcome to help with any queries I have on the industry, which has increased my enjoyment of this whole experience even more so.

My first week has been definitely the best working week of any job I’ve had before, and I’ve never found myself almost looking forward to going back to work on a Sunday evening as I am now when writing this blog. The digital media landscape is vast but with the help of the team at UA I believe I can become an expert in my area as to become the best recruiter I can be! To summarise I could sum up my first week in two words which are key to being successful in this industry are Pace and Organisation, both of which have been instilled from day 1!

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