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almost 3 years ago by Alex Swain
London   Hot Job (6)

​It is fair to say that we're all currently dealing with a new way of life. Our commutes have become 30 seconds not 30 minutes, we find ourselves chatting to our families in the kitchen, not our colleagues and well, lunches are by no means as adventurous as they once were.

It's unprecedented times, nobody knows how long this will last, nor do we understand the eventual outcomes and it's the same for brands. I was browsing LinkedIn this weekend and spotted a heated debate from two senior agency leaders debating some of the responses or lack of response from brands and this got me thinking. So, I dug a little deeper to see if I could find any interesting campaigns brands have pulled together with the creative & media agencies, to respond to this ongoing crisis.

It's fair to say, there are some great ideas on there! Below I've listed & highlighted a few for you all to take a look at!

1. Ikea - Stay Home

Credit: McCann Madrid

2. Nike - Now is your chance

Credit: W+K NYC & Mindshare Portland

3. - Social Distancing

Credit: Crispin Porter Bogusky

4. Audi - Keep your distance

Credit: NRG Brands Bulgaria

5. Nando's - Finger licking isn't good

​Credit: Nando's South Africa

You can check out how more brands have been advertising during this crisis by looking on ads of the world however, if you are a marketer and unsure of whether or not now is the best time to advertise or what type of content you should be advertising, you can take a look at an article publisher by Kantar that gives you some guidelines here.