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almost 3 years ago by Matt Bolshaw & James Lyon
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This blog was created by Matt Bolshaw & James Lyon, Ultimate Asset's Founders.


A view from UA – Covid19 and the impact on hiring

As we end our 3rd week of working from home, and while the world is clearly a very different place, there are many companies forging ahead and gearing up to capitalise on the much discussed bounce back.

(though we’d need a crystal ball to predict the actual day/month it’s going to happen)

Broadly over the last two weeks, we have seen the following:
  1. 60% of our live roles have been put into a “holding pattern” - we’re staying close to all clients to see when this will change

  2. The remaining 40% of our current opportunities are progressing, though with zoom, Skype, and google hangout being the platforms of choice for the time being. With offers and acceptances still happening.

  3. Of current live roles going ahead, 30% went live this week! That’s right, briefs are coming in and clients are giving guidelines that they’d like to make offers in the next 4 weeks

  4. Onboarding of new starters has proven tricky, but tech is being posted out and people are again availing themselves of group video sessions to bring people up to speed.

Patterns are emerging, consumers are out of their normal routines and because of that, engagement & interaction have changed.

Here are a few highlights of information we’ve spotted this last week.
  1. According to reports from TechCrunch, WhatsApp have seen a surge in use, up nearly 40% from last month. Sticking with their owners, Facebook shared their own data also reporting a surge from last month’s use of Facebook Messenger, with over a 50% increase in usage. Has this triggered a change in brands digital ad spend? Yes is the answer. Reports from US trade publication AdAge suggest Dial, Amazon Prime Video & Uber Eats have all increased their spending across social platforms. Who will follow next?

  2. Here’s also another great fact from Paul Evans, former Global Head of Media at Vodafone, “Kantar finding that those brands that invested throughout the 2008 recession, recovered 9 x faster than those that did the opposite.”. This just proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel and now is not the time to panic but strategically set out daily/weekly/month KPI’s for your campaigns.

Here at UA we’ve got some serious digital experience in the team and have lived and worked through the several economic down turns including; the ‘dot com’ bubble bursting in the late 90’s, the ‘credit crunch’ in 2008 and now Covid19. Please feel free to reach out to the team for support and we’ll endeavour to assist you through this tough time.