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almost 3 years ago by Alex Swain
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We might be in the middle of a global pandemic, but until the fog has lifted, we must continue to carry on like normal. We might be taking it day by day, but with only a few days left, let's not forget one of the most important days on the calendar year, Mothers day.

We look back at some of the most iconic, memorable and unique mothers day campaigns, to try and take the edge off some of the uncertainty floating through the air.

1. KFC, Tender Wings of Desire (2017)

Not all mothers day campaigns need to be centred around children showing the love and care to their mum. KFC took it to a new level, but fulfilling desires of Mum's all across America, with this highly creative and seductive campaign, which begged the ultimate question, is KFC a hearts desire? Well, according to a brand spokesperson, Mothers Day is "one of the best-selling days of the year " for the brand. I'll let you decide on this one.

​Watch the full video here: ​

2. Budweiser, The real MVP (2018)

Here's one to pull on the heart string and it's another US based campaign from our friends over at Budweiser. They teamed up with NBA All-Start Kevin Durant, who plays tribute to his mother in a 60 second video, that hits home to all those children out there who realise the sacrifices their parents made to give them what they have today. It's funny, emotional but ultimately true.

​Watch the full video here:

#TheRealMVP #ThisBudsForYou

3. Samsung, Texts from Mom

​I think this might be my favourite, only because I know exactly how this feels on a daily basis (no offence Mum). Samsung team up with R/GA to remind us all to call our Mum's this Sunday and well, avoid texting. From messages in CAPS LOCK through to pages and pages of messages telling you about a conversation they had with a friend the day before, Samsung truly capture what it means to have a Mum who's still getting used to working with modern day technology.

Watch the full video here:

And that's my favourite 3. Don't forget Sunday 22nd March is Mothers Day and given current state of affairs, a card, flowers or some chocolates delivered to their door, might just go an awfully long way!

Get in touch if you've got a favourite we haven't shared,