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Positivity in Advertising | Emily Brown

DISCLOSURE – I refuse to use the ‘c’ word in this article.

With such uncertain times for the advertising industry, it seems that 2020 is a lot more negative than anyone anticipated. As the annoyingly positive person in the office (yes, I am the girl that asks you 7 questions about your weekend before you sit down with your Monday morning coffee) I wanted to spread some positivity!

With such difficult times ahead I wanted to reflect on the fantastic work advertisers have done in the past that have filled me with positivity. I want to highlight that we can use media and advertisers to really lift spirits in the UK, and everywhere during this uncertain time.

The first campaign that comes to mind is the 'wonderfully awkward diversity' ads from Maltesers who, partnered with Scope and used disabled actors in their ads. AKA the talk of Twitter during the last Paralympics.

What I loved about this campaign is it's inclusivity and breaking down misconceptions, it is was just a group of friends catching up from shenanigans from the night before. It really celebrated everyone’s differences and friendship.

Watch the full video here:

The second campaign that stuck out for me is the ‘This girl can' campaign. I (like 70% of the UK population) don’t feel fully represented in the media. Shocking to know that not all girls shower under waterfalls and laugh through shaving their already hairless legs - who knew?!

I remember seeing this campaign where a normal sized woman rearranged her swimming costume wedgie style and dived into a pool sporting a rather sexy rubber cap – this is a campaign I can get on board with! This was the first campaign where I really felt represented, pink faces, wedgies and all. This is the positivity and encouragement we all need right now! (sexy rubber caps optional)

These are just some of the campaigns that I felt sent out a really positive message. In the current climate it’s easy to see everything as doom and gloom. We can’t forget the impact that advertisers have, and how their message can stick with people for a long time.

I look forward to seeing the creativity and adaptations that the advertising industry will provide this year!