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This blog was written by Anatassia James. Anatassia heads up our agency offering across EMEA, working with network & independent media, digital and advertising agencies. You can check out Anastassia's latest jobs here.


Ever since I was a little kid, my eye has always wandered towards the big colourful billboards, my ear was always catching those annoying radio jingles and TV time was hell for my parents as I was so easy to market to during the ad breaks! In light of recent events, I found myself strolling around the digital ad-land space (because let’s face it, it’s safer to be in than out!) and I was not disappointed!

With pubs and bars shut, that “after work pint” becomes a bit of a lost concept – yes, you can have a beer at home, but where’s the atmosphere and the gentle shoulder bumps as people walk past you in the tiny crowded area?

Well, living in a small town outside of the city, our locals have adapted to delivering cask lagers and ales – so that problem was sorted but it wasn’t quite the full solution…

Along came BrewDog and, out of nowhere, we had an Online Bar – well, actually 102 of them.

They welcome anyone in the world over the age of 18 to join their “local” and take part in a series of quizzes, live music and comedy every Friday evening!

“Beer. Quiz. Music. Community.

Staying in is the new going out. ”

Let’s not forget that earlier this month, these guys also started producing hand sanitisers at their distillery in Scotland and last week, they used some of their delivery trucks and drivers to deliver school lunches to those in isolation too!

OK. A Virtual Pub. Pretty cool, right?

How about a Virtual Nightclub?

Yep, you read that correctly.

If you’ve ever been to Manhattan, you’ll know that nightlife is the one big thing the city takes pride in. Well, during quarantine, this is the one big thing the city lost sight of.

A group of promoters put their heads together and, amazingly, Quarantee NYC was born, a virtual nightlife experience!

The “club” has a 1000 guest capacity and takes place over Zoom – it seeks to provide extraordinary yet realistic nightclub ambiance with world famous DJ's spinning the tunes and dancers performing all night! As if that wasn’t enough, they have the VIP Table concept in there too! This consists of separate rooms so you can party with your friends or on the promoters table should you decide that General Admission isn’t for you. There is, of course, free movement between your “table” and the dance floor.

Dress code is “nightclub attire” and is enforced at the door – yep, you arrive at the (Zoom) door, greeted by a doorman and are able to pay the cover charge there (unless you are on the guest-list already).

Instagram - @quaranteenyc

Stay tuned, I’m looking into how the infamous Las Vegas and sunny Miami Beach have adapted to the new #stayathome culture next…