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almost 3 years ago by Dana Sopah
London   Hot Job (10)

Morning (AM)

  • My usual morning routine stays the same except removing the time I commute into work, I have an extra 30 minutes to do the below (and also squeeze in an extra half an hour of sleep)

  • Workout (I miss my morning cycle into work and going to the gym over lunch, however I’m adjusting and getting used to working out at home now)

  • Getting a drink in while my laptop boots up

  • 30 minutes to plan out my day, have breakfast, catch up with the news and chit chat with my team

  • I make a point to maintain as much contact as possible with the team, and it is now done through various apps and video conference programs (Google Hangouts or Zoom)

  •  Starting work at 9am

  • Weekly sales meeting on Monday mornings followed by a weekly stand up with the rest of the team

  • As I believe it’s especially important to maintain as much contact with the team as possible during WFH routine, we have increased our team catch-ups to twice a week (the start and end of the week) instead of once a week

  • Weekly 1-1s with each member of the team and it is easier for me to do so as we are a lean team here in Asia


Afternoon (PM)

  • Lunches are also interesting as I use to enjoy taking a bit of a walk to get food which I have been doing until now but will most likely start to prepare my own meals moving forward because I was kiasu (local slang for 'fear of missing out') and bought TONS of food that I now need to eat. 

  • I have increased my contact with our HQ in France and speak to them regularly during the week

  • Regular catch-up calls with our CEO and CRO

  • Scheduling calls with our HR team to send them updates via email weekly


As you can imagine, being in a sales role is a bit tricky right now as meetings and taking clients out is not possible.


Things I do to maintain client relationships:

  • I try to schedule as many video calls as I can or simply just pick up the phone and give people a ring

  • Everyone is in the same situation and I have found that people generally appreciate a video/voice call every now and then even if it’s just to say hello

  • We're also sending out Grab delivery vouchers to our clients. We can't physically have lunch together, but I can still buy them lunch!

I find that having regular contact with people and maintaining as normal a routine as possible really helps to keep my sanity in check.

So at the end of the day I pack away my stuff, power down my laptop and end the day at the same time I usually do at work. I really don't like bringing my work home but it is obviously a bit difficult when you are WFH, but I do try to end the day at the same time and same way I do when I'm at the office.