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almost 3 years ago by Shanniz Irmana
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Up at 7am – kids pending their wake up time

Start work at 8am – I will always try and put on a polo shirt and get into work mode (I’m not one of those “work in their boxers” kinda guys)  

Lunch has no routine. It will basically be anytime there arent any calls or home schooling. I sadly eat pretty much the same thing every day – some kind of meat and salad in a wrap. I may go crazy and experiment with the sauces that go in. Monday Mustard, Wednesday Wasabi Mayo, just depends how WILD the day is going. 

​​I don’t watch much TV at all, my kids own all the screen time in our lounge room. 

In regards to keeping our team connected, we will have a group meeting of some description every day. It might be a 20-mins catch up in the morning, an extended sales meeting, virtual drinks, a quiz… something that will ensure we all speak at least once as a group daily. 

From a pros and cons perspective, the cons far outweigh the pro's, for me at least. I appreciate a number of people love the WFH vibe, but it’s 100% not for me. I miss being around smart people, I miss meeting clients in person, I miss bouncing ideas around. I’m also in a situation of having 2 young boys in the house, which makes some of the advantages of WFH harder to take advantage of.