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​Unprecedented, Astounding, Stressful, Apocalyptic, and Revolutionary are a few titles thrown around from Social Media, Journalism, and Politics in relation to today's time.

With unemployment registering over a heartbreaking 33 Million US citizens in the workforce (more than my home country Australia's total population) this week, we have fallen on tough times. If you find yourself one of those people, I know things aren't great right now. I would like you to read the following article to help structure your job search, in a 3-part blog series.

I've had to adjust to working from home and I have lost that structure I once craved, and in fact, only recently regained after listening to James Clears "Atomic Habits," if you stop reading here, do yourself a favor and start reading there...

 "Time magnifies the margin between success and failure. It will multiply whatever you feed it. Good habits make time your ally. Bad habits make time your enemy." - James Clear, Atomic Habits

This means that, if we feed in very tiny positive changes into our day, slowly, with the momentum we will reach our destination. When you land your next role, It's not going to be one application, one amazing interview, one great reference, or some amazing coincidence in timing or luck... its an accumulative collection of all the work you have put in since the start. Even all the setbacks help, yep, that's right, not getting a job or bad interview feedback (that's properly understood) can be re-engineered to use to your advantage.

"become in love with the process, not the outcome, if you let you results define you... you will never learn how you won, let alone how you lost, both equally as damaging to never know. "

The following tips are designed to help guide you through, everyone will set different goals, work differently, be efficient at different times, and reward themselves for small wins. Having a small checklist before you start and a structure to help you through to reduce your reliance on willpower.


  1. Contract Sense Check: If you were made redundant, read your contract. This is to make sure that you not only able to understand the terms of your exit but your basic rights are also upheld. This can sometimes result in more annual leave, more notice, redundancy packages, and also support networks provided to post-employment. Who could use a little extra peace of mind or cash, right?

  2. Exit interview: Push for one of these, even if your exit is climate-driven. Try and understand where you excel, where you need to improve, and if this role is for you. If it ends on bad terms, try not to die by the sword but it's important to keep an open mind.

  3. Recommendations: Immediately reach out to clients, colleagues, and people who managed you (where legally possible) for recommendations and references on LinkedIn. Published references are powerful and industries are smaller than you think. If you feel guilty for asking, reciprocity is a great way to start, give a recommendation to the person first of your experience together.

  4. LinkedIn Profile: You would be amazed about how little time some people will look at a resume before searching LinkedIn. It's visually more satisfying, also most often will be the platform in which talent managers, team leaders, and agency recruiters will be using, Make it professional, relevant qualifications, up to date, industry-related content. ** DO NOT SWITCH "open to opps" ON WITHOUT UPDATING **. Your network and other users will be alerted and they could be viewing an outdated version, take your time to update, and make it an advertisement of what assets you could potentially bring to the table.

  5. Game Plan: Sit down with your Recruiter, Friend, Wife, Husband, Sister, Brother, Mentor, Partner, Nanna... whoever. Discuss what's important to you - what job, industry, salary, location, commute, and type of company... this will set you a baseline to refer to when having multiple conversations a day - WRITE IT DOWN, like a contract between you and you, by you (and maybe your S/O).

  6. Resume: Setting a clean, clear PDF Resume is key. I liked this study on how to set yourself apart on the resume. Using a very clear outline of Jobs, Company, Roles, Responsibilities, and Achievements will prompt prospective employers to approach you. Also, don't save as Version399CoronaunemploymentJLHbadfeedack.doc ..... it will look like a virus.

Lean in on your personal and professional network to get these steps done, make sure your thorough and comfortable with everything. Now you have tidied up your loose ends, you set your game plan, have a clean Resume and LinkedIn.. you're ready for the world to know you're on the job market.

Next up: How to structure your unemployment, coming soon.

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