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almost 3 years ago by Alex Swain
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We are starting to see a shift in the tone of advertisers towards a more positive, optimistic and light-hearted approach e.g. Ikea’s fort building guide (aka my new home office).

As things are slightly different right now, advertisers can try something new. The Fun Theory states that we can change behaviour just by making something fun. Does this work? YES!

Whether it being a piano style staircase, a bottle cap recycling game or the never-ending bin, by adding an element of fun (Mary Poppins style) more people took the stairs, put their litter in the bin and recycled! (links to these experiments are in this article). What’s really significant is how by making tasks that would seem mindless in day to day life fun, it engaged people and changed people’s behaviour.

How does this relate to marketing?

Volkswagen really made ‘The Fun Theory’ debut into marketing. They used it to promote a new eco car by showing that in all aspects of life acting environmentally friendly can be fun! This was something different and was great for campaign awareness!

The opportunities for fun marketing and its ability to influence behaviour are endless. For example, you need people to give reviews of your product or service. Which question are you likely to answer?

Option 1

Did you enjoy our product / service? Yes / No?

Option 2

Did our product / service leave you loving life like Oprah or having difficulties like Will?

Obviously, this has to be in line with the context of the product. This would be slightly more fitting reviewing my ASOS order not after using a medical advice page.

We need to embracing all forms of positivity and lightheartedness at the moment, getting creative and adding a bit of fun can get customers interacting with your brand and can encourage consumers to fill in that survey, enquire into your offering or walk up your virtual piano.

It’s different, can be as easy to implement or as wildly fun as you like. I think people are particularly receptive to positive messages at the moment so there has never been a better time to test out the fun theory!

Videos of the fun theory in action