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over 2 years ago by Dana Sopah
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`I cannot help but start with “What a year we are living in”, it’s felt like an episode of “The Walking Dead”. This current unprecedented time has taken a lot out of us (in fact, still is) and it simply will not go away. Many might agree, they have tolerated the ‘Covid’ topic for far too long and many might also agree that they are ready to end this episode.

On a brighter note, a vaccine was reportedly made (awaiting approval) and is at least 95% effective. Let us hope this is the saviour to win the war against Covid-19 and end the year on a stronger front.

Speaking of a stronger front, we at Ultimate Asset are stronger with the unification of the whole organisation, no matter which part of the world we are in, lots of collaboration happened across the region as we’ve begun to take on more ‘banging’ roles and placing top talent with world-renowned brands and house-hold names.

Navigating a new job at any point in a professional career can often be daunting and overwhelming, I’ve even found myself in that position this year as I became UA’s newest Client Engagement Manager, but I had a goal in mind: To secure as many businesses and roles as possible. Being new to the game, it’s certainly not easy transiting into a new role during the lockdown, and (if I’m being honest) selling was never my forte. That combined with learning multiple recruitment techniques and information at the same time (and quickly), posed challenges but has been hugely rewarding.

After spending my first weeks with JD (APAC Director) and bombarding my colleagues with questions, I was finally ready to hit the road and engage with our clients & future prospective partners. The first week was nerve-wracking, speaking to potential clients to understand their business needs and plans, but I found my groove quickly and after a couple of weeks of speaking to business & commercial leaders in AdTech & Programmatic, I finally landed my first client and new roles.

With that newfound confidence, came the hardest part. How do I attract the right talent for this role? Sure, you can post up an advert on LinkedIn, that’ll certainly help you. But throughout 2020, hiring managers are more conscious than ever in finding the “superstar” that can transform their business. The search continues up till date, but with plenty happening over the next few weeks, I’m aiming to make my first placement before the end of the year. That could be my end of year resolution.

 If you are a candidate/client looking for new opportunities in Singapore and wider APAC, let’s have a chat. Who knows we could be having breakfast together at Tiong Bahru Bakery. Get in touch.