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about 2 years ago by Alex Swain
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2021: Agencies to Watch

​I don't think anyone was quite prepared for what happened in 2020, that included agencies of all shapes and sizes across the world. From media to PR, agencies felt the pressure from all angles, notably clients, who of course wanted to tighten the reigns on their investments as well as transparency on value and output. Those that stood the test should feel pretty optimistic about 2021, proving their value and worth as well as resilience to come through the other side.

Although agencies might look and feel a bit different than they did this time last year, the core of what they can offer remains the same, a strategic partnership. The word strategy may have been seen was a buzzword up until the spring of last year, but according to statistics from CallRail, over 60% of marketers retained or appointed new agencies based on their long term strategic vision to help them battle through the year and beyond.

That said, 48% of agency leaders feel that their biggest objective coming into the new year will be winning new clients vs 42% who will be focused mainly on driving an increase in revenue. To be realistic, have these objectives really changed that much? If you were to ask the same questions to the same leaders back at the end of 2019, you probably wouldn't find much difference in their answers.

Beneath all the statistics and press releases, their are some agencies you'll be hearing more about and these are certainly ones to watch in 2021. Below you'll see 4 agencies that have made our list this year, all with definitive leadership and an objective to continue growth into 2021.

​1. Firewood Marketing

Full service Digital & Creative Agency

Location: USA, UK, Ireland & Mexico

Owner:S4 Capital Group

Company Size: 300+ Employees

Clients: Google, Facebook, App Annie


2. Connective3

Performance Marketing Agency

Location: Leeds, UK

Owner: Independent

Company Size: 40 Employees (Founded mid 2019)

Clients: Choosemycar, Thortful & Canine Cottages


3. Walk-in Media

Full service Media Agency

Location: London, UK

Owner: MSQ

Company Size: 30+ Employees

Clients: AA, Task Rabbit, Air New Zealand


4. Mediahub

Global Creative Media Agency

Location: Worldwide

Owner: IPG

Company Size: 450+ Employees

Clients: Pinterest, Twitch, Western Union


Each one of these agencies used 2020 as an accelerant to either aggressively grow through onboarding new talent, utilising connected sister agencies to drive further new business or completely rebrand and bring in a new leadership team. Whilst 2021 has yet to be defined, I would hedge my bets that the shape of these three agencies at the end of the year will be impressive.

​Written by: Alex Swain (Director, UK & EMEA)

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