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7 months ago by Anastassia James
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2021: UK Advertising & Creative Salary Survey

As another year begins, we've begun to look back and reflect on what 2020 has meant for Ultimate Asset. We've had to truly adapt, both locally and internationally, but maintain our culture and boutique approach to all our recruitment partners. Whilst our core at UA remains the same, we've certainly ventured into new area's this year as we've seen an increase in the demand for a variety of skills, but sitting at the heart of that is eCommerce.

That said, the rise of working remotely, working from home and adapting to new forms of communication, has had it's challenges but also presented a great deal of positives. It was a year like no other and one we will never forget, but as they say, the show must go on.

With that, our continued efforts to support the Advertising and Creative industry with exceptional talent remains and with our latest salary survey, we hope we can share some further light on new development area's and opportunities for candidates, hiring managers and human resources teams across the UK.

Within the Salary Survey we have covered area's including:

  • Integrated Design

  • Digital Design

  • Project Management – Integrated

  • Project Management – Digital

  • Content & Copy

  • Client Services

  • Strategy / Planning

  • Broadcast Production

It's given us a great summary of where the demand for talent is as well as how the industry is evolving with new jobs being created in Design, Client Services, Strategy/Planning and Production.

To get your copy, just fill out the short form below and one of our UK team will be in touch!