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12 months ago by Dana Sopah
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Sharing your salary information: Recruiter’s opinion

​My job as a recruiter allows me to connect with candidates of all levels of seniority. In those conversations we discuss the candidate’s experience, achievements, frustrations and current compensation and expectations.

Often, candidates are hesitant to share their package; “I am not comfortable sharing” has become a very common answer when I pop the question.  What these candidates fail to see is that as a recruiter, I want to ensure a perfect match between any given candidate and the role and that includes negotiating the best possible package with perspective employers. 

Without this information I am forced to work in ranges and make assumptions, and that only creates a potential hiccup when the offer comes in. 

Although, candidates may think it is ‘sensitive’, sharing their current package with me or any trusted recruiter will help to determine if you are being paid what you are worth, and most important, are the jobs that you want to explore aligned to your expectations. 

As a recruiter, I have been sworn to secrecy at the highest level. There’s nothing for you to worry – your personal information is safe with me! 

On the other side of the coin, many employers do not consider disclosing salaries as a necessity, so if you are job hunting from LinkedIn ads, you won’t have that information. That is why I make sure I have all that information across all the roles I am working, so you as my candidate can have a better understanding from the start. 

With more transparency, offering stage will process smoothly and employers will be able to secure great talent quickly. 

So what I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t be afraid to disclose your salary with me, I am here as a recruiter to help you secure the best possible role with he best possible package.

Feeling more comfortable about sharing your salary? Get in touch via with our team in APAC to explore the wide variety of roles we have live via: