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9 months ago by Alex Swain
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2022: The Barcelona Trip

We did that thing again, we headed out of London on a trip thanks to the hard work & effort of our consultants acorss EMEA. We are in the midst of a team bound to nailing every target put in front of them and they deserve the rewards, in this instance some magical weather, beautiful beaches and of course great cocktails.

There we lots of key takeaways from the trip, but i've highlighted a few for those interested in our experience in the wonderful city of Barcelona below (just below these awesome photos).

  • The rooftop pool - Albeit slightly salty, our hotel rooftop had to be a key highlight, especially with the sun beating down for the best part of 14 hours of the day. A spot to relax, cool off and enjoy a few stories over a cocktail or two.

  • Beach Bars - Quite strangely you can be in the middle of a busy city street, full of up-market shops, walk five minutes and be sat on a sandy beach surrounded by live music & a party atmosphere.

  • Salt Beach Club - This is a must if you're in Barcelona this year, it combines some of the best tapas food on offer, high end drinks & incredibly friendly service.

  • Vida Mona - Our last meal of our trip, and the best by a long way. Sat upon a rooftop of a gothic hotel in the heart of Barcelona, we were advised to order one of everything from the menu and it didn't disappoint.

  • Barcelona's Gothic Side - Like most we spent as much time enjoying the sights of which this city has to offer, however it is quite a spectacle when you're up, close and personal with some of these amazing pieces of architecture.

Look out for the next installment of our 2022 international trips, as we head to Cannes Lions Festival next week, followed by a trip to Lisbon, Portugal.